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About S Resorts


“A Surfer’s oasis to connect you to your S lifestyle”
Surf, Sun, Sea, Solitude, Spa, Snorkel, Scuba, Stand up Paddle, Sailing,
S-Yoga, S-Fitness Programs…


We created S-Resorts with the aim of providing our clients with an amazing Surf & Lifestyle experience designed to bring equal amounts of pleasure to surfers, and their non-surfing companions, spouses and children alike. We set out to achieve this goal to satisfy the numerous requests from clients of our global surf travel agency, The Perfect Wave.

I’m looking for an amazing tropical location, close to waves but great value… Where can I find it? My partner doesn’t surf and I don’t want the holiday to be all about me, so how can I ensure that they won’t be bored whilst I get a few waves? What other activities are there for non-surfers? What about our kids? Is there a kids’ club?

Does the perfect surf holiday exist? We believe it does!

From the beginning, our ambition has been to provide perfection to our clients. We spent years looking for fantastic accommodations in idyllic destinations with world-class waves, and managed to find a select few. Unfortunately, we were often confronted with varying levels of quality from one resort to the next. After much reflection, we decided that in order to consistently deliver the high quality standards we strive for, we’d have to create our own resorts.

These are the standards we strive to live up to:

  • World class waves close by
  • Quality accommodation at a reasonable price.
  • Healthy Food
  • Yoga and Fitness
  • Plenty of activities for non-surfers
  • Spa Facilities
  • Children’s club and babysitting
  • Board hire to help clients travel light
  • Surf Lessons for beginners and Surf Guiding for intermediate plus surfers so clients don’t have to figure out tides, winds, swell directions for locations they have never been to.

Our love for travel and passion for surf means we understand perfectly the ingredients required for THE ultimate adventure holiday experience. We aspire to sharing that experience with our clients, whilst delivering world-class customer service, and fulfilling all of the desires of our surfing and non-surfing guests! Our resorts focus on fitness and wellbeing through surfing and an extensive range of other activities, which are also supplemented by our amazing healthy food options. Our attention to detail will ensure you have an unforgettable experience in each and every resort location. We hire our staff locally to ensure we give back to the communities from which we benefit so much. We also ensure that we give back to the local community through our charity A Perfect Foundation which creates educational and environmental programmes in areas like the Mentawai Islands in Sumatra and the Maldives.

Even though each resort is unique, guests can rest assured that we consistently deliver the same standards of quality, service and amenities at each of our locations. Most importantly, everyone at S-Resorts remains focused on our goal of providing guests the trip of a lifetime every time.

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