Sometimes in life certain opportunities present themselves that can not only change your life but, more importantly change the way you view it. One man we know that has the power to remind us all of the way every surfer should view life is Bob McTavish. A man that has lived more than a few lifetimes of amazing experiences in his life and knows a thing or two about the history of surfing and board technology. Credited with the first shortboard ever made, as well as discovering many iconic surf spots, Bob is truly a surfing pioneer. Well, here is an opportunity to hang out with Bob in the beautiful Maldives. Not only will you bask on the luxurious Carpe Vita surf charter, surfing some of the most perfect waves in Maldives, but you’ll be able to surf, hang out and talk story a legendary pioneer of our sport/lifestyle. Talk short board revolution, travel, industry, the 60’s, 70’s… you name it, Bob has a tale. Oh yeah and by the way Bob still rips and is pretty much a frothing grommet that will be pushing you to paddle out for another surf with him.

Boat Features

  • Luxury surf charter
  • 13 crew for service
  • Jacuzzi on the top deck
  • 4 suites with big ensuites
  • 6 spacious air-con cabins
  • Diving and fishing available
  • 30ft dhoni and 12ft tender
  • Wine cellar
Surf Resorts Carpe Vita

Ideal For

Time of year:
May 2017

Group type:
Couples & Honeymoon Surf Trips, Intermediate Waves Surf Trips, Family Surf Holidays

US$3,442 pp for 8 nights

Board type:
All types

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