Our wonderful island satisfies even the most curious and adventurous souls.

Bali boasts a long list of remarkable outdoor and water adventures, from ripping world-class waves, to sunbathing on wonderful beaches, to discovering extraordinary waterfalls; the Island of Gods has it all!

You have obviously heard of the iconic Padang Padang, Pantai Balangan, or Uluwatu… Surfers and non surfers alike find exciting things to do in Bali as there is some for everyone.

What about enjoying a perfect sunset in a bar which provides endless views on the Indian Ocean after a long day of surfing, sunbathing, or even snorkeling?

Even though Bali’s already teeming with unforgettable experiences, picture yourself and your partner or friends walking through a lush green jungle to find pristine waterfalls. These 5 natural hidden gems definitely have to be on your Bali bucket list.



GitGit Waterfall

Located in the North of Bali, close to Lovina and roughly 6 miles from the former capital Singaraja. Easy to find and reach by road, GitGit waterfall has slowly became a famous day-trip destination for tourists, and is likely to be busy in high season. April, May, June, and September are the ideal months to avoid the crowds. Picture a 35 meter high waterfall, surrounded by a lush tropical jungle, with monkeys playing in the trees and quenching their thirst from the falls! Definitely plunge into the pool, it’s a fun and thrilling experience.




Among the Island of God’s most scenic waterfalls, Munduk, near Buleleng in the North Bali highlands, is also one of the most accessible, only 300 meters walk from the main road. The sound of the water rushing from a 15 meter high rocky pool is incredibly soothing, and the view of its twin lakes is jaw-dropping. Surrounded by rice-fields and stunning mountains, this scenic beauty will impress all. Be aware, the level of inner peace you are about to reach while discovering the beautifully wild Munduk is unmatched !



Tegenungan Waterfall, Ubud

Unlike most of the waterfalls in Bali, Tegenungan Waterfall is not located in the highlands.

Nestled in Ubud Village, Tegenungan Waterfall surroundings teem with magnificent tropical exoticism, and a lovely temple closeby. Getting to the falls is a pleasant drive down paved village roads lined with stretches of green rice fields on both sides. The noise of the water rushing into the natural springs exaggerates the heaviness of the water flow. Enjoying a swim is total bliss !



Jembong Waterfall, Sukasada

The peculiarity of Jembong Waterfall is its 75 degrees slope. Jembong does not create a rumbling sound with it’s water movement, so if peace, serenity and calmness are your motivation, you should definitely head here for a daytrip. The location in the Ambengan village, Sukasada district, make Jembong Waterfall an ideal setting for spiritual healing and bathing.



Yeh Mampeh Waterfall, Singaraja

In Balinese, “Yeh Mampeh” means “flying water”. Nestled in Les, North Bali, Yeh Mampeh is widely considered Bali’s tallest waterfall. Roughly 2.5 hours drive from S-Resorts Bali, escape the crowds and discover a wonderfully scenic vibe with your family and friends. The hike is flat and easy, so the elderly and kids wont get exhausted walking to the waterfall. Discover nearby caves, take a dip in clean fresh water, or sit back and observe the stunning scenery surrounding you.


“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial Nehru

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