Words by Daniel | Surf Guide at S-Resorts Bali

The waves have been perfect around Bali and Indonesia, with the season just starting, and pumping swells in April, May, and June.

The Perfect Wave Surf Crew and our guests have just scored some of the best waves on a surf trip from Bali to Lombok and Sumbawa:

If you are staying with us at the S Resorts Hidden Valley in Bali and want to explore some of the best waves, we can organise trips for you to Lombok and West Sumbawa, as long as the swell conditions are in our favour.

We had some guests recently stay in the S Resorts Hidden Valley in Bali. On the 10th May 2017, I saw there would be perfect swell and the guests were eager to go.

We made the trip to West Sumbawa, so we could surf Super Sick, which is one of the best waves in Indonesia.

The Perfect Search, is a trip that we organise from the resort in Bali, and it lasts for 3 days.
The trip starts with a car ride to the ferry in Padang Bay, which is 2 hours from the resort. The ferry from Bali to Lombok takes about 5 hours and, as soon as we arrive in Lombok, we drive for another 3 hours to cross to Lombok Island. On the way, we talk about the history of the area, listen to some great music and stop to get some fresh fruit. This is all part of the experience, as we cruise along and get to know one another and make memories.

We then hop aboard another ferry for 2 hours, where we eventually arrive in Sumbawa. However, we are making the trip to West Sumbawa, which is another 2-hour car drive.

Once we get there though, it is worth it, as it is a magical spot with an amazing landscape, perfect for anyone that enjoys a quiet place and simple lifestyle. There are also some nice hotels and a home stay.

We got a great 2 days of surfing on one of the best waves we have ever seen. There were sick barrels making it a perfect set up.

I guided the guests to better positioning in the spot, so I could explain how the tides and waves were moving and that everyone should just have fun and a safe surfing session.

All the guests enjoyed sick barrels and left with big smiles on their faces. This was definitely one of the best surfing sessions.

After all the surfing, we had some time to relax and loosen up.
So far everything is good with The Perfect Wave Travel and A Perfect Search trip.

Here are some photos of our guests getting barrels.
New guests that are arriving soon can expect lots of swells too.

Our Pit Stop in Lombok

We made another trip from Bali to Lombok and this time we decided to focus on Desert Point, which is the best wave in Lombok and one of the top 10 waves in the world.

This is a perfect wave that offers an easy takeoff, long walls and 3 barrel sessions.
The trip set out from S Resort Bali, with 3 guests that wanted to go Desert Point with a surf guide. The forecast said that there was going to be big swells and we were all really excited to see what this swell would bring.

The Perfect Wave surf crew are able to organise trips from the S Resorts Hidden Valley for guests by boat or car, depending on the number of days’ guests stay with us and want to go. If you have a yearning to explore and surf good waves, then anything is possible.

We made the trip to Desert Point in Lombok by car, which is a 10-hour drive. Once there we stayed for 2 days and surfed the best tides and pumping waves. We all had so much fun getting barrels and all the guests were super happy with the Perfect Search trip.

Once everyone was tired from surfing we headed back to Bali to the resort where we ate nice food and got some well-deserved rest, ready for the next surf.

Take a look at the photos of our guests at pumping Desert Point.

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