“The wave is so good they name her twice”

Padang-padang is a real surfer’s temple in Bali and holds such a special place in the Bali surfers heart. The wave is like a sleeping giant, once it wakes up we all know it’s on!

What just seems like yesterday, we had the pleasure of being present for the opening ceremony of the Rip Curl Padang-padang Cup and again we are super proud to be official partner and sponsor for another year of this great event.

Every year Rip Curl organize this very special contest. With just a select few surfers getting a chance to be invited to surf one of the best lefts in the world.

Here we were at Padang Padang beach on the opening ceremony of Rip Curl contest 2017.

There are people from every part of the world coming down to greet the surfers and give there respect to the locals.

The stage is set and the event which is always so well organized.

The Rip curl team had a beach clean up joined by local and it was sad to see the amount of waste especially plastic that gets left on the beaches but it looks great now and well done to everyone.

The really amazing and important thing part of this event is that there is a traditional Kecak dance to kick off the proceedings. It’s an amazing performance that evokes the passion and the culture of this island of Gods. Amazing to see the beautiful dresses of the dancers were and how sharp all the movements are and how it really grabs your attention and takes you deep in to the Bali culture.

Even though the weather was a little cloudy & raining it brought some magical and mystical feeling to the moment and it was amazing to see so many people feeling the same moment.

Once the dancing was finished everyone enjoyed another amazing Bali sunset and the Bintang still flowed with competitors and friends getting to know each other and chat about whats ahead.

As the slogan goes …….It’s officially On….. When it’s on!

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