“Spoilt for Choice”

The Maldives unique shape and location offers something for everyone, from beginners that want to move to an intermediate level, to experienced surfers wanting fast barrels and rippable walls.

Everyone Surfs

The Maldives offers a plethora of surf breaks for varying abilities. Left, right, long, short, punchy, hollow- you͛re spoilt for choice.

Perfect Waves

Enjoy guiding an instruction from the world’s largest surf tour operator.


A 30m walk, 3 minute paddle, then you’re sitting in the line up. You can even watch hollow waves peeling from the comfort of your bed.

Exclusive Kandooma

Our guests receive exclusive access to Kandooma Right, guaranteeing all surfers surf uncrowded Maldivian waves, everyday.


Riptides is one of the best waves in the South Male Atolls- a fun right hander breaking for over 150 meters. It is situated in a channel which makes it hard to maintain your spot in the line-up due to a tidal current. The wave walls up and breaks quite quickly with the occasional barrel section, making it a great wave for longboarders and shortboarders as well as low intermediate surfers, providing very carvable walls with the occasional hollow section. Best with S swell and SW wind.


This is a hollow and fast right wave that breaks over a shallow coral. It’s “Goofys Paradise” or if you’re fast on the backhand you will love this wave. Breaks for 100 to 150 metres and provides many barrel opportunities. Best with SE swell and NW wind. On transfer you will visit both Foxy’s and Rip Tides, so you get the best of both worlds.


Twin Peaks offers both a left and a right that picks up quite a bit of swell. It is a similar set up to Sultans in the North Atolls, as the wave runs into the safety of a channel. The right tends to be a bit more consistent, however the left is generally cleaner in a larger swell.


Directly in front of S-Resorts Maldives, Kandooma is a long peeling right hander that͛s fun at any size. At 3-6ft on the lower tides, the fun really begins. It has two distinct take off sections, the outside is the softer mal friendly option, but the inside peak reels off down the reef for 100 metres. Best on a SSE or SE swell over 4ft.

Kandooma offers something for everyone, from beginners that want to move to an intermediate level, to experienced surfers wanting fast barrels and rippable walls. The already perfect conditions are made even better by our strict policy of limited numbers, which guarantee’s all surfers enjoy an uncrowded Kandooma Right, everyday.

To top it off, we believe there is no closer accommodation to take off zone in the world and you barely have to walk 30 meters from your villa to the paddle out point. On days when you’re taking a break, you can even watch the hollow and highly rippable waves peel down the point from the comfort of your bed.

Tucky Joe's & Quarters

A 45 minute boat ride from the resort, Tucky Joes is regarded by many as one of the best lefts in the Maldives. It’s known to throw some incredible barrels throughout its freight train like, 200 metre plus rides. Opposite Tucky Joe’s is Quarter’s, aptly named due to the wave breaking alongside the staff quarters. Sheltered by these buildings on the headland, it͛s the go to when the wind switches. The inside section of this right hand point occasionally provides a punchy barrel section.


Kates is a small and short left-hander that works very good with NW to N winds. It’s quite peaky at the take-off before it rifles down the line, however it rarely gets over 1 metre. A swell angled further from the North will make it more manageable and it is more forgiving on a higher tide.

Perfect Wave Experience

The Maldives largest surf tour operator, Perfect Wave, operates the surf program at S-Resorts Maldives. Their vastly experienced and Surf Guide Association qualified guides and instructors offer tuition for all surfers from beginner to experienced, and anyone who wants to take their surfing to the next level. No matter your surf ability, our guide͛s expert knowledge will get you onto the perfect wave. S-Resorts Maldives offers 3-hour surf trips up to four times daily to any South Male Atolls breaks.


From $ 234 USD

The semi-detached beach villas come with large windows that summon the Maldives’ pristine seabreeze inside and whitewashed floorboards that evoke a cool freshness, yet feel warm and textured on bare feet. The Beach View Villa features light summer duvets and massive bath towels, flat screen televisions, a place to plug in your mp3/iPod, indoor out-door showers and wifi broadband. The beach villas are 36 square metres in size.




From $ 293 USD

The sea-facing Beach House offers the luxury of space. Located at the water’s edge, the villas present a striking mix of natural elements and modern design. Bedrooms are on the first floor level and enjoy views of the sea. The living area underneath the bedroom is furnished with designer seating laid out on a carpet of fine white sand. Beach Houses are 72 square metres in size, with 36 square metres on each level.




From $ 625 USD

Ideal for families or small groups, the Family Beach Houses offer fresh, spacious accommodation with sleeping spaces upstairs, and living and dining below.




From $ 514 USD

Hovering above a rainbow of coral and marine life in shallow clear waters, the gorgeous Overwater Villas offer the ultimate Maldives experience. Each Villa has a private sundeck with a hammock that sits partially submerged in crystal clear ocean water at high tide. Expansive living space is complemented by a large open bathroom, which offers a private outdoor shower and bathtub with views of the water.