“Blessed by the Gods”

Bali is said to be blessed by the gods, who were very generous in giving the gift of perfect waves to this lively island. Since the 1960s, Bali has been a top destination for surfers of all experience levels in search of the ride of their life. Whether you͛re an experienced surfer, or a first time wave rider, there is sure to be a special wave for you.

Barrels For Days

If you want to practise barrel riding, Bingin in the go to location throwing multitudes of perfect barrels.

Balinese Pipeline

It truly is one of our favourite waves and as such we are proud to sponsor the Ripcurl Padang Padang Cup. Expert surfers only.


A name known across the world for a plethora of amazing waves. No matter the swell or conditions, there͛s waves at Uluwatu.

Perfect Waves

Our vastly experienced and qualified guides and instructors are frothing to get you onto Perfect Waves.


Uluwatu is the indicator break for the west side of the Bukit and very consistent, picking up any swell and never flat. The wide reef offers many different peaks which all turn on at different tide stages. Paddling out from the cave, The Peak is immediately in front of you. It͛s best from mid-high tide, whereas Outside Corners, the next break along the reef, only breaks at low tide on the biggest swells. Racetrack lives up to its name, as does Growers, starting at shoulder height and get bigger and bigger, the end section throwing a great barrel. Temples is a bit of a paddle from the main peak, so tends to be less busy and works best at mid-high tide. The Bombie will break on the biggest swells and is rideable at up to 30ft or even bigger! In general Uluwatu is best suited for the advanced surfers, but conditions are commonly appropriate for intermediate surfers.


Impossibles features 3 separate peaks on a wide reef- helping to breaks up the crowds. On the right conditions with a good size swell and offshore wind it is possible for the sections to link up and to get a ride of a mile or more to the warungs at Bingin. Impossibles is a fast racy wave and because of this it is almost explicitly for advanced surfers. However, it can be amazing for intermediates on smaller days.


If you want to practice barrel riding lefts – Bingin is the perfect location. It͛s a super consistent wave that throws out multitudes of perfect barrels. At low tide it can be very shallow and for expert surfers only. At high tide the wave breaks very soft and it͛s where Balinese children learn to surf. Mid-tide is best for intermediate surfers on a small day, but during the surf season it͛s mostly only suitable for advanced surfers. Due to the popularity of the beach with locals, it͛s advised to go with a Balinese surf guide.


Padang Padang is known as the Balinese pipeline as it is very similar to Hawaii͛s very own pipeline. It is a very fast long barrelling wave that lives up to its reputation as the most serious wave in Bali. The waves come in fast out of deep water and breaks over a shallow coral reef which makes the wave barrel (tube). It truly is one of our favourite waves and as such we are proud to sponsor the Ripcurl Padang Padang Cup. Expert surfers only.


Padang Padang rights is also known as Baby Padang as it͛s a soft mellow break in stark contrast to its namesake. Located on the other side of the channel to the world famous Padang Padang, it͛s fantastic for kids, beginners and low intermediates offering a range of rideable waves – breaking both left and right. The left is a long ride and can be ridden almost all the way to Impossibles, whilst the right is a shorter ride that takes you back to the channel for an easy paddle back to the line-up.


Dreamland is a beautiful white sand beach a short walk from Impossibles & Bingin. Fantastic for beginner to intermediate surfers as there are many different breaks that work at different stages of the tide. The two main waves are an A-frame peak that works best at low tide on a big swell, and a punchy shore break suitable for aerials. Dreamland is the perfect location to spend the day surfing, sunbathing and hanging out in the local warungs.


The next break along the Bukit is Balangan, mere waking distance from Dreamland. Balangan is a stunning, peaceful, white sand beach; which is very quiet and relatively undeveloped, retaining that old Bali charm. The reef break is a fun left hander, however it͛s quite fast so wave selection and positioning is key. Very popular with intermediate surfers, but also suitable for beginner surfers on the smaller days. Balangan can be ridden at any tide, but low tide can be a bit challenging for novices and is therefore best on mid-high tide.


Our vastly experienced and Surf Guide Association qualified guides and instructors offer tuition for all surfers from beginner to experienced, and anyone who wants to take their surfing to the next level. No matter your surf ability, our guide͛s expert knowledge will get you onto the perfect wave. S-Resorts Bali offers surf transfers to all guests free of charge. They are 3-hr return trips that leave twice daily to various surf breaks around the island, with flexible departure times.


Our two level Lumbung Villas are set in a private village accessed through a bamboo arched walkway adjoining the main resort. Made of Bamboo, Banana wood, and Alang Alang roofing, you’re immersed in a quintessential Balinese experience. Lumbung Villas allow the elements to live through and around you, yet are equipped with air-conditioning and ceiling fans. Enjoy the tranquillity of your tropical oasis, sip cocktails in the swim up bar or nap in your hammock.




Feel harmony in nature. Our Traditional Cottages are situated in our Lumbung Village, single story and constructed with eco-friendly, locally sourced and recycled materials. Featuring King size four post beds, large stone bathrooms with all modern amenities, and styled with traditional Balinese decor. The cottages surround a private swimming pool with variable depths, great for kids and adults alike.




Located on the second floor of our main building complex, these rooms features expansive views over the valley and tree tops towards the ocean. On a clear day it’s possible to see right across to the Kintamani and Mount Batur Volcano’s. Offering ocean and mountain views, yet easy access to our gardens & pool below, the High Tide Ocean room compliments all needs.




Enjoy great views over our two main pools and lush tropical gardens. Located on the ground floor of our main building complex, also accommodating our Spa and retail store, and with excellent access to our car park, the Low Tide Pool rooms are an excellent choice for families travelling with small children and surfers loading up surf racks. Choose between single twin and double bed configurations, as well as interconnecting rooms.




Our Family Suites feature two bedrooms, one with a King bed, the other with two Twin beds; plus a lounge room featuring a two-seater couch, coffee table and flatscreen TV. Its convenient location enjoys easy access to all three of our pools, lobby and tropical gardens, whilst also having privacy to kick back and enjoy the tranquillity. Each Family Suite is uniquely styled, paying homage to some of the world’s greatest surfers.




Become a VIP legend when staying in one of our best suites. Featuring a luxury pocket-spring Super King mattress and luxuries such as a minibar, flat-screen TV, and a large lounge room with a four seater couch & coffee table – you’ll feel like absolute royalty. The crowning glory in our Legends Suite are the stunning, modern and large bathrooms- featuring a private Jacuzzi and large stone décor.